Birzai is one of the oldest towns in northern Lithuania, which has already celebrated its 500 hundredth anniversary. Dukes Radvila and Earls Tyszkiewicz resided in Birzai for a while and left beautiful Radvila Tower and Astravas Manor for the town. Birzai is surrounded by the Rivers Apascia and Agluona, the Lakes Sirvena and Kiluciai, the town boasts beautiful Churches of St. John the Baptist and Evangelic Reformed Church.

Unique landscape, exceptional natural phenomena, old traditions and honourable past are fostered in Birzai and form a harmonious whole

Beautiful nature

Those who love quiet strolls should take a walk on the pedestrian bridge across the Lake Sirvena. It is the longest pedestrian bridge in Lithuania, 525 meter long. The path for pedestrians and cyclists laid along the river and the lake invites to enjoy impressive surroundings. Birzai is rich in monuments to prominent people and historical events, carious cultural museums

The land of old traditions

Birzai land has been famous for ages for its industrious farmers, traditions of highlanders' hospitality, delicious rye bread and barley beer.

Up till now, in Birzai land beer brewing recipes have been passed on from generation to generation, beer brewing and bread baking traditions have survived and are in full strength. We would like to invite you to visit the town of the noble Radvila family, which used to be a must stop of merchants travelling in the past from Riga to Vilnius. Birzai does have many interesting things to show.